Incoloy Square Flanges

We are manufacturers and suppliers of Incoloy Square Flanges in India from more than a decade and that is what makes us India's well known manufacturer and suppliers of Incoloy Square Flanges.

We are manufacturing Incoloy Square Flanges in all types or designs as per international standards and norms.

Incoloy Square FlangesIncoloy Square Forged Hub Flanges

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We are in constant desire to enhance our quality as per International standards and norms and that is why we always welcome our valued customer's orders with Third Party Inspection and certifications requirement to make sure the customer satisfaction and the best quality of our Flanges.

Typical Applications of Incoloy Square Flanges

  • Nitric acid catalyst supports
  • Reformer outlet pigtails and manifolds
  • Heat exchangers
  • Pressure vessels


Incoloy Square Flanges - Features :

  • Incoloy Square Flanges features superior corrosion resistance and wide applications in various conditions.
  • Incoloy Square Flanges can be used free from troubles if high corrosion resistance is required. Recommended material.
  • Incoloy Square Flanges can be acid-washed.
  • Incoloy Square Flanges are high design stresses for ASME Section VIII applications to 1650°F
  • Incoloy Square Flanges are useful oxidation resistance through 1800°F
  • Incoloy Square Flanges are resistant to chloride ion stress corrosion cracking

Incoloy 800 Square Flanges :

Incoloy 800 Square Flanges are austenitic Fe-Ni-Cr alloy flanges with the excellent resistance to oxidisation, hydrogen embrittlement at working temperatures up to 600°c and carbonisation. .These Square flanges have a good demand in Chemical and petrochemical industries, powergeneration industries, nuclear technology and steam boiler construction,

Incoloy 800 HT Square Flanges :

Incoloy 800 HT Square flanges are solution annealed version of Alloy 800 Square flanges with controlled carbon content (800 H) for very high and long-time rupture strength and raised Al and Ti contents for attaining the best possible creep resistance values in temperature range up to 1000°c..

Incoloy 825 Square Flanges :

Incoloy 825 Square Flanges are Titanium stabilised Ni-Fe-Cr alloy flanges with the excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking and very good resistance to reducing and oxidising hot acids and that is why these flanges have demand in Chemical industries, phosphoric and sulphuric acid evaporators applications, pickling plants, filter systems, salt processing plants, various storage and transport tanks for acids, on and offshore projects, nuclear reasearch and developments.

Incoloy 901 Square Flanges :

Incoloy 901 Square flanges are high temperature Ni-Fe-Cr alloy fllanges with excellent long and time rupture values and very good corrosion resistance at deeper working temperatures (538–760°c). These type of nickel alloy Square flanges are applicable in Aviation industries and turbine industries


Incoloy 925 Square Flanges :

Incoloy 925 Square Flanges are high temperature Ni-Fe-Cr alloy flanges with the excellent corrosion resistance to localised, stress corrosion cracking in countless media -including media containing sulphide and chloride these Incoloy flanges are best in acid gas fields as well as for oil extracting equipment and Offshore projects,

Incoloy 800 H Square Flanges:

Incoloy 800H Square flanges are nickel alloy flanges and also called as DIN 1.4958 flanges or some times engineers and project peoples call it UNS N 08810 flanges.

Incoloy Square Flanges - Size Range :

  • 1/2" NB to 48" NB

Incoloy Square Flanges - Dimensional Standards:

  • ASME B16.48 Incoloy Square Flanges

Incoloy Square Flanges - Pressure Standards:

  • Incoloy Class 150 Square Flanges
  • Incoloy Class 300 Square Flanges
  • Incoloy Class 600 Square Flanges
  • Incoloy Class 900 Square Flanges
  • Incoloy Class 1500 Square Flanges
  • Incoloy Class 2500 Square Flanges


Incoloy Square Flanges - Applications :

  • Marine and Ship Building Industry
  • Petroleum Refineries
  • Oil and gas production Industry.
  • Offshore Industries.
  • Valves and Pump Industries
  • Heavy Chemicals Industries


Incoloy Square Flanges - Inspection Check Points:

There are certain points where bolts have to be inspected to make ensure that the best quality is believer to customer.

  • Dimensions
  • Burr free edges.
  • Crack Free

Incoloy Square Flanges - Test Procedure :

All our Incoloy Square Flanges are 100% carefully inspected through series of dedicate testing procedures, including:

  • Material verification of Incoloy Square Flanges
  • Dimension check such as tolerance, lobing, out-of-roundness
  • Roughness inspection
  • Final Mechanical Properties of Incoloy Square Flanges .
  • Overall quality inspection (Includes eddy current (non-destructive) electric testing.)

Incoloy Square Flanges - Packaging :

All finished Incoloy Square Flanges are packed to suit the special conditions for international deliveries and can also customized as per customer's specific requirements.

Incoloy Square Flanges - Documentation :

Our Incoloy Square Flanges products are accompanied by certified material test report 3.1 as per DIN EN 10204 / ASTM A1016. Pre material certification can be provided upon request.

We can supply our world class quality Incoloy Square Flanges with any world known third party inspection and certifications

Incoloy Square Flanges with Lloyds third party inspection and certifications Incoloy Square Flanges with Indian Register of Shipping third party inspection and certifications
Incoloy Square Flanges with SGS third party inspection and certifications
Incoloy Square Flanges with Bureau Veritas third party inspection and certifications
Incoloy Square Flanges with DNV third party inspection and certifications

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Industries being supplied by us with quality Incoloy Square Flanges :-
offshore industries
thermal power plants
nuclear power plants
Process Industries
Nuclear Research and Development Industries
oil and gas industries
Marine and Ship Building Industries
pharmaceuticals industries


Various engineers from different industries call these Incoloy Flanges from different common names as listed below


Choose the best suitable Incoloy forged flanges from India's leading manufacturers, suppliers.

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